Tennessee trains

A student of mine and me, backstage at a Toto-show.
A student of mine and me, backstage at a Toto-show.

Hi! I'm Sybolt and I founded Tennessee Trains, a blues-based rock 'n roll band. Since my early teens, 'the most important side issue of my life' has been rock n' roll: if I recall correctly, it must have been 1991 when I first heard an electric guitar up-close from behind a drumkit somewhere in a shack outside of the village I grew up in (in the Northern part of the Netherlands). That was a small moment but it made a huge difference to me. Life just wasn't the same afterwards. Later, in 1995, I was a sixteen-year-old who wanted to be Keith Richards :) My parents were (and are) way too sweet and bought me a drumkit, a second hand bass guitar and an electric guitar early on so I could fool around at home.


One of the things I like most about rock n' roll is that it frees people from concern. Second is her unprententiousness. Lastly, there's got to be at least a little something of the blues in every song I write... 


In the studio, my backing vocalists and fully fledged members of the band are Yko & Annelie. They truly are the best of the best and I go nowhere without them! :)


Every instrument and lead vocal on 'Anna' is me.