What's Happening

April 30th - Almost ready for going on the road alone (with my guitar ofcourse :) I have a list of 30+ cover songs.  So only 1 voice abd 1 guitar! The name I came up with for this project is "An Evening With Sybolt".


March 1st, 2024 - Anna was broadcasted on Brazilian radio station Mundo Livre FM in February. Thank you so much Mundo Livre/Muito obrigado.


January 1st 2024 - HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! What wishes do you have for this year? I really want to record an EP this year, so stay tuned folks :)


August 2nd - In 2024 I'm also going on the road alone; just me and my guitar :) But I want to make it sound like a band... The guitar parts I'm playing (and especially the rhythms) are the exactly the same as I would play with a whole band. I'm going to play covers and all of my own songs.    


May 2nd - Working on new songs... curious of what you think of them!


March 16 - 'Anna' for the first time on the air in the U.S.A.: Tonight between 6:00 - 8:00 PM on 'Hot Lixx with Lily Sixx' on Rock Rage Radio Pittsburgh. Thank you so much Rock Rage Radio Pittsburgh and a special thank you to Lily.


February 14, 2023 - 'Anna' is now on the playlist of RLX - Rádio Lisboa in Lissabon. Muito obrigado RLX Rádio, see you next time.


6th February, 2023 - Today, around 11.15 a.m. local time, 'Sweet Anna' was on the air on Radio Eersteriver in Cape Town, South Africa. Thank you so much for your kind words Radio Eersteriver.


December 17th 2022 - Happy Holidays everyone! 


November 30th '22 - Last Monday at 13.00 p.m. local Azores time, 'Anna' was played on radio station Rádio Azores High on the Azores. Muito obrigado Rádio Azores High.


November 26th '22  - The name of my oldest daughter is sung somewhere in 'Anna'. Can you figure out where? And, what's her name? :)  In the next single,  both of my daughters' names will be (hidden) in it. They both play a  little guitar, piano and drums already and they just love singing and dancing, so... I see a bright rock 'n roll future for  them :) 


12th November 2022 - A couple of months ago, 'Anna' was on Radio Freetown in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Thank you so much Radio Freetown/Yusuf for playing my song. 


11th July '22 - Hope everyone is having a great summer vacation!


April 2nd '22 - All Dutch national radio stations hated  'Anna'... but the world loved it :)


March 26, 2022 - In a short while, 'Anna' will be broadcasted @Choice FM Gambia Radio. Thank you for making it possible Choice FM in Gambia. 


February 14th  - 'Anna' was on radio stations in Surinam, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Indonesia, Philippines, North-Macedonia, Peru, Austria, Uruguay and the Netherlands. Thank you all so much.